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Arthur Pond

Arthur Pond was born in London on the 2nd of August 1701.

He was an English painter, engraver, print-seller, dealer and collector. The eldest son of a London surgeon, Pond studied with the portrait painter John Vanderbank before entering the St Martin’s Lane Academy, London, in 1720.

However, he was most influenced by the Roman Club, a group of young artists and writers under the aegis of Jonathan Richardson the elder.

Pond visited Italy in 1725–7 with the painter George Knapton, the painter and poet John Dyer (1700–58) and the antiquary Daniel Wray, all fellow members.

In Rome he frequented antiquarian circles around Baron Philipp von Stosch and Pier Leone Ghezzi but learnt little about painting.

He returned to England via Paris, meeting the connoisseur and print-seller Pierre-Jean Mariette and initiating a lifelong correspondence.

Pond was an important and fashionable London artist of the first half of the 18th century.

He was a great connoisseur and an important art dealer. He was elected FRS and FSA in 1752. His pupils were George James and Mary Black.

There is conjecture about exactly where he died - some believe he died in Rome whilst others hold that he died in London. Wherever it was, he died in September of 1758 and is buried at Sanderstead.

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